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Discord Nitro Generator.exe

Nitro is the name of a malicious program classified as ransomware. It operates by encrypting data (rendering affected files inaccessible) and demanding payment for the decryption (access recovery). As Nitro malware encrypts, files are appended with the ".givemenitro" extension.

Discord Nitro Generator.exe

Download File:

For example, a file originally named something like "1.jpg" would appear as "1.jpg.givemenitro", "2.jpg"as "2.jpg.givemenitro", and so on. After this process is complete, a pop-up window is displayed, which contains the ransom-demanding message.

All of your important documents have been locked and have been AES encrypted. There is no other way to open it unless you have the decryption key. You have under 3 hours to give us Discord nitro. If you fail to do so, all fileswill be lost forever.

How do I get the decryption key?Buy a Discord nitro gift subscription and paste the gift link in the text box. After submitting a valid gift link,you should be able to see the decryption key. Copy the decryption key and click on decrypt files. When decrypting, makesure Windows defender/ any antivirus is off. If you don't turn it off, not all files will be able to decrypt correctly. 041b061a72


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