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Buy Oem Bmw Wheels

Genuine BMW Accessories for wheels enables a unique and personalised style to shine. Made to enhance your BMW, our Genuine BMW Accessories for wheels range provides every customer the opportunity to create the complete wheel package that suits their taste with the addition of valve caps and floating hub caps, just to name a few. Experience the joy of BMW with Genuine BMW Accessories for wheels today.

buy oem bmw wheels

The floating hub cap consists of the BMW logo that no longer turns with the wheel but instead remains level. The hub cap can be mounted to all BMW light alloy wheels with a pitch circle diameter of 112 mm.

Aerodynamically optimized light-alloy wheels contribute to the lightweight construction and reduce air resistance, further adding to the efficiency of your BMW. Their mostly enclosed surfaces bring about an effective reduction in the amount of air turbulence produced around the wheels. The Air Performance Wheels help to reduce drag in a very innovative way and unite optimised aerodynamic properties with a sophisticated sense of sporty elegance.

The BMW rim cleaner effortlessly removes stubborn dirt marks such as burnt-on brake dust or oil and rubber residues. A colour indicator makes it easier to check the efficacy of the acid-free special cleaner. The product is suitable for all BMW steel and light alloy wheels.

Exclusive feel of racing in the garage: The M Performance tire bags protects the driver and the vehicle from getting dirty while transporting wheels. A stronger grip provides a comfortable transport of the wheels. Due to the special marking, indicating which tires is in each bag the individual tires can be quickly matched at any time.

These valve stem caps are the perfect finishing touch to your wheels. Designed to work with the latest Tire Pressure Monitoring systems, these ultra-low weight caps are engineering to be beautiful and to last. All caps come in a set of 4 with BMW logo.

These valve stem caps are the perfect finishing touch to your wheels. Designed to work with the latest Tire Pressure Monitoring systems, these ultra-low weight caps are engineering to be beautiful and to last. All caps come in a set of 4 with M logo.

Because we only make wheels to fit BMW vehicles we can produce without compromise. Our wheels are all hub-centric and compatible with your specific BMW in all the ways that really matter. Making aftermarket wheels for BMW vehicles is complex. Load rating, offset, center-bore, brake caliper clearance and size all need to be compatible with your BMW vehicle. This is what we have done without compromise for many years at Beyern and what sets us apart from ordinary custom wheels.

Beyern aftermarket BMW wheels have passed every important testing standard in the world, including the German TUV standard, the Japanese JWL standard the and the American SAE standard. At Beyern we only do one thing and we do it right. Custom Wheels for BMW vehicles.

Authenticity and quality: Original BMW wheels are made from high-quality materials and come straight from the factory. So you can be sure that you are getting authentic parts for your vehicle. You don't have to worry about buying cheap replicas or parts that don't fit properly. And because these parts come directly from the manufacturer, you don't have to worry about compatibility issues - if it fits your model year, it should work without a problem!

Aesthetic value: BMW Genuine wheels are not only reliable - they look great too! These rims offer a timeless aesthetic that will make your car stand out in any environment. From classic designs to modern looks, Original BMW rims give your car a unique look you won't find anywhere else. And because these parts are designed specifically for BMW vehicles, you can be sure that the fit and finish are always perfect.

Longevity: When you buy new wheels for your car, durability is always an important factor. After all, you want to be sure that your investment will last as long as possible! Fortunately, BMW Genuine wheels are built to last: They're made from a sturdy construction and robust materials, so they won't break or bend easily over time. That means they don't just look good, they last!

When it comes to cars, BMW is one of the most innovative companies in terms of technology and design. BMW is also known for sportiness and performance. That's why Original BMW wheels make your vehicle something very special. All original BMW light alloy wheels, whether summer rims or winter rims, will make your vehicle shine in style and sleekness.

So you want to upgrade your car? Then BMW Genuine wheels should be at the top of your list. They're designed to fit perfectly on most models, and they'll give your car a sense of style and luxury that will take it to the next level. Let's take a look at why Original BMW wheels are so attractive and why you should upgrade your car today!

Original BMW wheels also provide better handling and control when turning and cornering, as they provide more grip and better responsiveness in tight corners or on kerbs. With less body roll and more agility in tight corners, you can count on improved overall performance.

Finally, BMW Genuine wheels also improve fuel efficiency, as their aerodynamic design reduces drag. This means that not only do they look good, but they also help to save money at the petrol station! As these rims are made from lightweight materials such as aluminium and magnesium alloys, they also reduce unsprung mass, which further improves fuel efficiency.

Winter is just around the corner and with it comes challenges for drivers. Snow and ice can make the roads dangerous and affect the performance of conventional summer tyres. To be safe and reliable on the road in winter, BMW winter wheels are essential.

Winter wheels, also known as winter tyres or winter complete wheels, are specially developed for cold temperatures and wintry road conditions. They have a special tread pattern that provides maximum traction on wet and slippery roads for better grip. The tread prevents snow from accumulating on the wheel surface, resulting in longer tyre life and improved performance in cold weather conditions. Compared to summer tyres, winter tyres also have a softer rubber compound that performs better in low temperatures.

An alternative to single tyres are BMW winter wheels. These consist of winter tyres and matching rims and offer optimum performance in winter. They are easier to fit and remove and require less effort compared to storing individual tyres. Complete winter wheels also offer better handling and fuel efficiency as the rims reduce drag. Another advantage of winter wheels is that the manufacturer's original rims, such as the BMW winter rims, are the perfect choice for winter, as they are precisely matched to the model in question and ensure the best performance and fit.

It is important to choose BMW rims with winter tyres according to the size and type of car. One should also find out about the region in which one is driving and take into account the weather conditions that are common there. It is also advisable to choose original BMW wheels, as these are precisely matched to the model in question and ensure the best performance and fit.

To maximise the life and performance of BMW winter tyres, they should be checked regularly and sufficient tread depth ensured. It is also advisable to replace the wheels every few years, especially if you regularly drive in snowy areas or if the wheels show signs of wear. It is also important to store the wheels properly when they are not in use to ensure that they are in perfect condition when they are fitted again.

Overall, BMW wheels with winter tyres are an important investment for any driver who wants to be safe and reliable on the road in winter. They offer excellent traction and grip on slippery roads, longer tyre life and better handling in wet weather. By choosing the right size, type and type of rims, as well as proper care and storage, you can maximise the performance and lifespan of your winter wheels.

No matter what kind of driving experience you're looking for, you're sure to find the perfect set of wheels in our BMW wheel shop. If you're going for long drives and need complete BMW wheels, there's nothing better than genuine parts from your own car manufacturer!

Does your BMW need a little more pizzazz? Then Original Räder is the right place for you! BMW summer wheels are the perfect accessory for your vehicle. They don't just add style and sophistication. BMW rims with summer tyres are designed specifically for your model and ensure that you get the best possible performance from your car. Let's take a closer look at why you should upgrade your car with complete summer wheels.

Performance benefits: BMW summer rims are made of high-quality materials and therefore do not wear out as quickly and easily. The heavier weight of the wheels also helps to improve the handling and stability of your car, giving you a smoother and more responsive driving experience. The extra grip the tyres provide also increases traction in the wet, making it easier to stay in control on slippery roads.

Style benefits: In addition to the performance benefits, BMW summer rims also offer aesthetic benefits. These sleek and stylish wheels give your car a modern and sophisticated look that will get you noticed wherever you go. Whether you prefer classic black or eye-catching chrome, there's sure to be something that perfectly suits your personal style.

Safety benefits: Of course, safety always comes first when it comes to cars - and summer complete wheels also offer many safety benefits. Their high-quality construction makes them much less likely to fail in extreme conditions. This means you can drive with the peace of mind that your car is well protected from potential hazards on the road. In addition, their improved traction ensures that you maintain control in slippery situations and avoid dangerous accidents due to loss of control on slippery surfaces. 041b061a72


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